Board of Directors

Captain Prescott Smith, President Committee Coordinator: Science

Prescott is Owner/Operator, Stafford Creek Bonefish Lodge, Blanket Sound, North Andros and is a co-founder of The Bahamas Sportfishing Conservation Association (BSCA). He has spent practically all his life in the marine environment, whether policing Bahamian waters against poachers or providing tours for anglers. Prescott loves swimming, windsurfing, flyfishing, deep sea fishing, bird watching as well as farming and reading. He has a passion for the conservation of our natural environment as well as empowerment of locals through the sustainable use of the environment to earn a living. Prescott has a number of certifications including a Master’s License, Mechanical Engineer’s License and is a Certified Scuba Diver. He is also a Fly-Casting Instructor at several universities in the United States as well as a Master Instructor in the Bahamas’ National Guides Certification Programme.

Captain Joel L. Moxey, Director & Assistant Treasurer

Committee member: Membership and Fundraising

Joel is co-founder and past Treasurer of The Bahamas Sportfishing Conservation Association. He is Owner/Operator, Moxey’s Bonefish Lodge, Mangrove Cay, Andros. Despite his background in banking and accounting, Joel has great interests in flyfishing, fly tying and golf. In addition to managing a small bonefishing resort on the island of Andros,Joel has trained fly fishing guides in addition to working as a fly fishing guide and instructor.

Captain Kendal I. Williamson, Director

Committee member: Education & Outreach

Kendal is a highly motivated marine pilot with degrees in marine transportation and transportation management. He has been exposed to the marine environment in The Bahamas, United States of America as well as the United Kingdom. Kendal is a firm believer that more than adequate safeguards are required to preserve and conserve our natural pristine environments for future generations to come.

Chris Miller, Director

Chris Miller is a US based businessman, angler and conservationist. He has been involved in BSCA since its inception, and is dedicated to preserving the unique natural resources of the Bahamas. Chris lives with his wife and daughter in Delray Beach, Florida.

Geneva Wilson, Secretary

Geneva is passionate about the sustainable use of the environment for the benefit of all life. She currently manages the Stafford Creek Lodge in Andros and is a new elected Board of Director for the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association.

Even though her background is in Banking and Accounting, she always had a strong connection and affinity with nature and looks forward to promoting, educating, protecting, restoring and conserving the Bahamas’ natural resources.

Nikita Shiel-Rolle, Director

Nikita has a Masters of Science in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health from the University of Edinburgh. During her undergraduate career at University of Miami she founded Young Marine Explorers. As a Zoological Society of London EDGE Fellow, Nikita developed the framework for a youth driven citizen science coral monitoring program in The Bahamas. Her innovative approach drew international attention and is currently featured in a documentary that is part of a major coral reef exhibit at the Natural History Museum of London. Her deep passion for the ocean, exploration and education coupled with her love for The Bahamas has shaped her goals as a conservation biologist. In 2013, Nikita was recognized during the 40th anniversary of The Bahamas as one of 40 under 40 that will most likely shape the future of the country. A PADI dive instructor and NACD Cave Diver Nikita participated in the National Geographic Expedition on Bahamian Blue Holes as a research assistant working on cave microbiology. Nikita co-produced WAVES, a documentary about conservation and social change in The Bahamas. Additionally, Nikita is co-author of Islands of the Sun: A Tribute To The Northern Exuma Cays which features her photography. The recipient of a number of scholarships and awards including those from the Lyford Cay Foundation, Rotary and the Organization of American States, Nikita is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Miami, studying the conservation impact of Young Marine Explorers in The Bahamas.

Cleola Pinder, Treasurer

Cleola Pinder was engaged with a leading international financial institution for twenty seven years and was assigned to work on five islands in The Commonwealth of the Bahamas (Grand Bahama, Long Island, Andros, Abaco and Nassau); she was considered the startup specialist and launched 2 bank branches. She started her career as a bank teller in 1980 and retired as a Bank Branch Manager in 2007.

Ms. Pinder’s management and financial experience prepared her for her next career as a business and personal consultant. In 2011 she started a weekly financial mentoring television program, “Let’s Talk Kingdom Business,” on the Bahamas Christian Network television.

Cleola Pinder joined the Bahamas Government Civil Service in late 2011 where she was trained as a Family Island Administrator, who performs the various functions under the relevant Bahamas Acts. She has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration Management and is presently completing her Masters in Social and Civic Entrepreneurship.

She believes that putting Christ first ensures success.

Erin A Ferguson, Director

Erin Ferguson is the executive producer and host of tv show Citizens’ Review. He was born and raised between Williams town and Sea Grape, his family then migrated to the USA where he attended  Howard University in Washington DC. He and his brother are entrepreneurs and have diversified business interest in the Bahamas and the USA, he is currently the managing director of the Bahamas maritime pilots association.

Captain Shawn A Leadon, Director

Shawn is Owner and Operator of Andros Outdoor Adventures and co-owner of Andros Island Bonefish Club. He works as a Guide in both businesses. Finding that you are more enriched into your business by being in the field with your clients is his belief.  Shawn is also a Board Member of the Bahamas Fly Fishing Industry Association being well diverse in Island conservation. The advocacy group which manage all concerns of its stake holders.  He has participated in numerous scientific studies on various marine biology. In the past, he has worked with various NGOs, which help to secure the proclamation of the Andros West Side National Park, the largest park in the country.  Fishing is his passion but his greater love is educating Bahamians and visitors alike about the environment and how important it is that we protect it.

"Promoting catch and release, ensuring their return"